VTubers Kizuna AI and Nyanners face off in a battle to the death. It's the most extreme fighting game and you will cry.


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@Plain_Delta you do know that these vTubers are more likely that not 60 year old men who found out how to use jiggle physics... Right?

None of the games I downloaded today made me launch as immeditaely as this one did

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100% best fighting game 10/10 would play again

peak gameplay 20/10


best game

it is very extreme, maybe too extreme for my liking.

the next version will be less extreme I promise! :(


no it’s okay, I like going out of my comfort zone. MAKE IT EVEN MORE EXTREME.

I always wanted to fight against nyanners or kizuna in a very realistic brawl, with button combos, a cool 3d environment, Better than something like mortal kombat, soul caliber or dead or alive, definitely a much play if your into fighting games.

I'm just kidding, theres none of that here, just two static images, one with nyanners and one with kizuna, and just click punch for whoever you choose to fight as, the other "CPU" doesn't fight back so you win easily, i guess its fun for a couple minutes at most, but i do appreciate the effort, still took time to put together all this, its the thought that counts